Kidney Cancer Drug May Help Treat Thyroid Cancer

The medical journal, The Lancet Oncology has reported the recent phase II clinical trial, which suggests that the drug Pazopanib or Votrient made by GlaxoSmithKline and used for the treatment of kidney cancer may also be used for the treatment of thyroid cancer.

According to the trial, a good result was observed by the researchers when 49% of the patients showed a significant response towards Pazopanib. Besides this the response lasted longer more than a year in about two third of the patients.

Although, the rate of response does not appear to be very high but researchers considered it a good response because there has been no treatment available for the thyroid cancer.

In order to get the good results in case of differentiated thyroid cancer, surgery and radioiodine were the only way of treatment. However, aggressive form of the malignancy has been seen in one out of 20 patients, who undergo surgery and radioiodine.

In the Phase II clinical trial, researchers tested the drug in 37 patients having aggressive thyroid cancer and it was found that 18 patients out 37 had cancer shrunken mass.

After that the drug was tested in the patients having follicular thyroid cancer and it was found that about 73% of them had tumor shrinkage.