Doctors: Avandia Prescriptions Declined Before FDA Ruling

The Food and Drug Administration unveiled the recently updated norms for the diabetes drug Avandia.

The norms can be used in case of type 2 patients and comes in form of "drug of last resort" for those patients.

Avandia which is considered to be associated with heart attacks and stroke will soon be withdrawn out of the market soon after FDA's move.

The drug will be taking the safety measures of US and health experts will be steering patients, until Avandia comes as the only left out option.

It is believed that the new norms will all to discontinue the usage of medication and at the same time only a few people would be able to make use of the once famed drug Avandia. Dr. Kalli Svoboda, pharmacist at Grove Pharmacy says, “Doctors in the Ozarks slowed their prescriptions for the pills several years ago.

That's after information surfaced about a possible link between the meds and a risk for heart disease, including heart attacks.”

It was further added by the doctor that the reports concern with the possible risk of stopping the prescription per se. Dr. Greg Ledger works for St. John's asks not to withdraw the drug, however the best advice is to give a call and then take medication for the same.