New F.D.A.: Transparence and Flexibility

A diabetes drug consumed by 100,000 Britons has been banned after complaining of the risk about the heart disease linked with it.

Avandia the drug was released to lower the blood sugar levels in case of patients having type 2 diabetes that strikes at middle and old age.

The European Medicines Agency proclaimed that the drug license has been snatched and no one can further prescribe it. Patients are advised to continue with the dosage of Avandia until another medicine is switched over.

The EMA's measure to consult with drug safety committees about members, speak of the benefits attached with the drug 'no longer outweigh the risks'.

A recent study stated Avandia increased the chances of heart attacks in 20 and 40 per cent. UK expert believes that the drug might affect 1,000 extra heart attacks a year in Britain.

Dr Ellen Strahlman of GSK stated: 'Our primary concern continues to be patients with type 2 diabetes and we are making every effort to ensure that physicians in Europe and the U. S. have all the information they need to help them understand how these regulatory decisions affect them and their patients.'