Herpes Vaccination by GSK Fails Trial

A vaccine meant to protect women from herpes has failed to clear trials in shielding them against the virus. The declaration regarding the failure of the vaccine was made by the U. S National Institute of Health.

The manufacturer of the medicine, GlaxoSmithKline has stalled the production of the vaccination. The trials were conducted on 8,000 women from the United States and Canada. Despite administering the anti-herpes vaccine Simplirix by GSK, the women fell prey to the virus and contracted genital herpes.

In a statement released by the NIH it stated that the capability of the vaccine to protect people from herpes was estimated to be 20%. It further added that as estimates can be uncertain, so an estimate of 20% is more likely to be next to zero.

The trials regarding the medicine were in the last phase of trial before approval by the FDA. The tests had been financed by none-other than the drug maker Glaxo at fifty places across Canada and US. The 8,000 women in the beginning of the tests were found to be free of the infection of herpes.

The Company GlaxoSmithKline following the failure of trials has decided not to pursue anymore such trials regarding the vaccine anywhere in the world. The Company has also announced to withdraw the vaccine.