Doors Close Down for Tyverb by GSK

The pharmaceutical Company GlaxoSmithKline has lost yet another battle for its oncology drug Tyverb. The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has in fact issued new guidelines related to the use of the drug by the NHS for the breast cancer patients it is treating.

According to the NICE, the expense of Tyverb and Roche’s Xeloda in a combination would be too costly for the NHS, which is already about to face the spending cuts that would be implemented by the Government. NICE has also asserted that the drug should be used only in clinical trials, and a use anywhere else would be very inappropriate at the moment.

The decision by the institute was taken, even though GSK had proposed to offer free treatment of Tyverb for the first 12 weeks. However, Nice stated that there would, not be a point behind such an offer as the drug only extends life by 10 weeks, that to at the cost of thousands of pounds.

NICE was still sympathetic for GSK as the institute did not issue any sort of guidelines to GSK. There were no guidelines issued, as NICE believed that a better way of assessing Tyverb was by using it alongside Herception by Roche.