WHO Calls for More Donation to Eradicate Neglected Tropical Diseases

As a consequence of World Health Organization’s call to donate medicines in the poorest countries to wipe out tropical diseases, GlaxoSmithKline on Thursday declared to donate an additional 400 million tablets to provide treatment to children suffering with intestinal worms.

A new report brought out by the WHO revealed that one billion people in impoverish countries are affected with tropical disease, so it called for more donations of medicines from the drug making Companies. Also, 14 diseases including leishmanaisis, chagasa and dengue, which are thought to be eradicated from the developing countries, are still casting their adverse effect on many in a concealed way, said WHO.

"Out of 10 billion spent annually, only 65 million, less than one percent, is spent on neglected tropical diseases. We have to begin bringing that up”, said Dr. Peter Hotez, an expert in tropical diseases.

The WHO report also highlighted the worldwide efforts employed to remove Guinea worm that resulted into a 99% decrease in the disease.

Jimmy Carter, the former U. S. President expressed that smallpox was the only disease that was wiped out over 30 years back. He added that now Guinea worm would be the second disease to face a snap.

As suggested by the WHO report, there is a need to adopt mass scale preventative chemotherapy to check the neglected tropical diseases. The strategy includes mass distribution of tablets to all doubtful cases of parasitic diseases that can suffice for many diseases.