A Tropical Disease Research by GSK Partners and Brazil's Fiocruz

GlaxoSmithKline and the Brazil-based Oswald Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) are due to carry out some effective research and come up with some new medicines for tropical diseases Chagas and leishmaniasis.

GSK's R&D hub in Tres Cantos Campus, Spain would be sued for the purpose as it is said to have its `Open Lab', concept there which had been set up in the month of January by the manufacturer.

The whole idea behind it was to enable information exchange between scientists worldwide, who are busy searching for treatments for diseases of the developing world, individually.

Nick Cammack, Head of GSK's Tres Cantos Medicines Development Campus said "The expertise and knowledge that the scientists at Fiocruz will bring will help drive our discovery and development efforts. Alliances like this one with Fiocruz are critical to the progress and to the needs of patients".

These diseases have been made the first targets since Fiocruz has some expertise in these. GSK and Fiocruz have however made it very clear that they would soon be working towards the treatment and medicines for malaria and tuberculosis.

This is so, as their main aim is to come up with treatments and effective medicines of such diseases which have been affecting the people in the world's poorest countries.