Manston Airport rejects formal bid by unnamed American firm

Ann Gloag, one of Scotland's richest women, has turned down an American firm's formal bid for her closure-threatened Manston Airport in Kent.

Stagecoach co-founder Ms Gloag had acquired Manston Airport for ?1 million in 2013; but in March this year, she decided to close the airport because it was suffering a loss of ?10, 000 per day. The decision put more than 150 jobs at risk.

North Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale on Sunday revealed that an American firm had made a formal bid to purchase the beleaguered airport, describing the bid as "viable" and "realistic." He added that talks between the American firm and Ms Gloag would revolve around the price.

But a spokesperson for the airport declared that the bid had been rejected by the airport's owner, hinting that the bid was not credible and viable.

Confirming the rejection of the bid, the spokesperson said, "The basis of this proposal had been put to shareholders verbally on Friday and rejected. We have clearly demonstrated our willingness to consider credible and viable offers and have engaged with a range of interested parties over the last couple of months which unfortunately have not come to fruition."

It was not the first offer that Ms Gloag has rejected. A bid from an unnamed potential buyer in April this year was also rejected by her.

Manston Airport is facing closure as a number of airlines, including KLM, have already moved their businesses elsewhere. Newmarket Holidays, which operates flights to Verona and Naples in Italy, have also declared that it would move its business from Manston to Lydd airport in June this year.

Local authorities are concerned over the future of the airport as its closure will throw more than 150 people out of work.