Several Labour PPCs support Miliband’s “railways re-nationalisation” proposal

Several prospective parliamentary candidates (PPCs) have openly announced their support to Ed Miliband's proposal to put British railways back in government hands.

The Observer reported that a large number of Labour PPCs had undersigned Mr. Miliband's proposal to re-nationalise railways.

Mr. Miliband announced that his Labour party was exploring various options but wouldn't return to "old-style British Rail".

While the Conservatives is arguing that re-nationalisation of the British Rail would add more than 10 billion pounds to the government's budget deficit; but Labour candidates, including Polly Billington and Mike Le-Surf, are saying profits could fund a bold offer on rail fares.

Supporting Mr. Miliband's proposal, Mr. Le-Surf said, "I was more than happy to add my name to the letter asking a future Labour government to commit to expanding on successes of the directly owned provider running the East Coast Line."

According to Labour candidates, rail fares are contributing to consumers' cost-of-living crisis and season tickets are the biggest monthly cost for several commuters.

Meanwhile, a former adviser to Tony Blair has urged has urged the Labours to admit before the public that it would need to hike taxes after the 2015 general election to clear the soaring deficit. Patrick Diamond also accused both the Labour and the Conservatives of making "implausible promises" to the public.