UK publishes historic coalition deal

A deal between the Tories and Lib Dems is now being considered as a historic deal in Britain. Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Nick Clegg has defined the deal as "responsibility, fairness and freedom". He has promised to transform the country toward growth and has said that if there will be any shortage of money for this deal then there would be a radical reforming program.

It has been published in the public and the title of the document is "Our Coalition program for Government".

Mr. Clegg has revealed that the first priority of the coalition will be "united in saying tackling the deficit". He has also expressed his concern over the monetary policy of the nation. But he has anticipated that there will be some other better way for the government to deal with the current financial crisis.

He has informed that he had already discussed this document with the Prime Minister Mr. Cameron, Business Secretary Mr. Cable, Chancellor Mr. Osborne and Home Secretary Mr. Theresa. This deal also includes the work for civil servants on policy area like defence, environment, immigration, banking, civil liberties etc.