Peter Windsor To Host 'The Flying Lap', An Interactive-LIVE Online Motor Sport Talk Show

The Flying Lap celebrates the opening of their first weekly Motor Sport Online TV show with Formula 1 journalist Peter Windsor as a host.

The Flying Lap hits the Web (1800 UK; 1300 EST) on Wednesday (Jan 12th).

The newly launched weekly show will bring in a new point of view on the world of Motor sport.

Every week, Peter will be seen chatting with drivers, engineers, team members and the movers and shakers of motor sport.


Arbitrator: United contract out dishonored pilot agreement

United Airlines' proposes to commence flying better local jets out of merger partner Continental Airlines' major hubs near the beginning during 2011 dishonored conditions of Continental's pilots agreement that firmly limit outsourcing, an authority resolute on Thursday.

Pilots put on a conquest in their struggle to conclusion outsourcing by United as arbitrator Richard Bloch positioned latest restrictions on how Continental Airlines marketplace flights on 70-seat jets functioned by United Express in anticipation of the two carriers completely get better on flying.


Borders holdup vendor expenses

Borders Group Inc. are facing very grave problems as it shifts into the new year, subsequent to the announcement made that it has postponed the payments to sellers, a step that places the Ann Arbor-based firm in danger.

The countries 2nd biggest bookseller expressed that it's functioning with vendors to restructure payment preparations as it appears for an answer to a potential liquidity deficit.

Borders are in the talks with lenders to refinance and obtain sufficient cash to pay vendors and get fresh inventory, as expressed by spokeswoman Mary Davis.


Global warming to cause longer, colder winters in the UK, Scientists

According to a team of scientists, Britain will have longer and colder winters in the coming years due to the global warming.

The global warming causes melting of Arctic Sea ice, which has changed wind patterns in the northern hemisphere and bringing colder air across the country. Scientists say that this could be reason behind very cold December. The team found that in future the country is three times more likely to be hit by colder winds.


One in six in the UK to work remotely on Christmas, study

According to a new study by Glasgow-based internet firm Demon Broadband, about one in six British workers will be working on the on Christmas Day.

The research by the ISP shows that employees will spend about ten hours of their annual leave on working on tasks remotely this holiday season. The study showed that 86 per cent of Brits will be working at some point during the Christmas period.



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