UK privacy watchdog to remain ‘calm’ on data privacy issues

The UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) said that they must remain calm while making a decision on issues of data privacy.

The ICO's comments emerged following MPs' last week gathering, where they debated existing privacy issues and the internet. Several MPs urged the privacy watchdog to take strict action and slap Google with financial penalties for its involvement in the breach of personal data.

It should be noted here that Internet search giant Google's camera-equipped cars had `mistakenly' collected residents' passwords, URLs and emails during its Street View operation.


100 Software Jobs to be Created for Newry

The Philadelphia-based firm, Market Research Partners (MRP) is due to create as many as 100 jobs in Newry. This US technology Company is said to be creating software which will help the Companies in their marketing and sales.

It is being said, that MRP would go on and recruit some 106 new workers, in the coming next three years to be based in the Quays complex in the city.

Beer Sales Crash in the UK

Beer sales for the quarter ending in the month of September have reported a drastic fall. The fall in the sales of beer has been blamed to be because of the end of World Cup and a lack of sales in the ending of the month of August.

The sales for beer have spiraled down by a massive 9.7% and have been recorded to be the worst fall in the sales of beer, in the past thirteen-years.


PM Cameron’s “New Economic Dynamism” Raises Concern for Banks

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced a new focus on small business lending instead of growing already-large investment banks. Mr. Cameron announced at the CBI conference that as major stakeholders in the Royal bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group, the Coalition is in the position to ensure that lenders drive the recovery.


Strong GDP Data for Q3 Boosts Sterling

The sterling hit the day’s high against the euro and the dollar. This followed strong economic growth data and greater confidence in the Government’s management of the economy, provided by the ratings agency Standard & Poor’s.
Standard & Poor’s revision of its outlook on the UK economy from ‘negative’ to ‘stable’ assuaged concerns about weakened demand for UK assets; many feared another round of asset buying by the UK Central Bank in an attempt to increase liquidity in the system and stimulate the economy. The revised rating also helped boost the pound.

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