Uninformed Savers lose Billions

A consumer group reveals that savers lose billions of pounds every year by storing their money in low-return accounts. In the UK, half of the saving account providers offer less than 0.5% interest.

It is assumed that approximately an amount of £12 billion could be in the pockets of savers who intelligently move their money to high-return accounts.

The reason why so many savers miss out on the extra cash is because their financial institutes of choice do not make transparent how high the returns actually are. That does not make the customers conscious about better deals.


Implant promises Symptom Reduction for Meniere’s Disease

Scientists of the University of Washington Medical Center are currently searching for a cochlear implant in order to make the inner ear condition Meniere’s disease bearable.

The disease is assumed to be a consequence of the rupture of a membrane inside the ear and causes symptoms such as loss of balance and dizziness. The condition affects approximately 1% of the American population.


400 jobs to go as Vodafone closing Banbury call centre

Mobile communications giant Vodafone has announced that it would close its customer relations centre in Banbury next year. The move will throw as many as 400 employees at the centre out of work.

Newbury-based Vodafone said that the decision was taken to improve efficiency as Banbury centre had little teams performing different tasks, but the company wanted bigger and specialized teams.

Vodafone said that it would to generate 200 customer facing jobs at centres in Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire, Didsbury, Manchester and Stoke-on-Trent.


Yahoo agrees to acquire ad firm Dapper

Yahoo Inc. announced on Tuesday that it agreed to acquire an online advertising start-up, called Dapper. The acquisition is expected to narrow the gap between Yahoo and its biggest rival Google.

Internet search giant Google gained similar technology last year when it acquired start-up called Teracent.

Frank Weishaupt, vice president for North America Ad Marketplaces at Yahoo, said that the deal would make the company more competitive in terms of the pairing of content as well as advertisements.


Linguists discover a hidden language in northeastern India

Linguists have come to know about an endangered language, called Koro, which is spoken by less than 1000 people in the mountains of northeastern India.

The discovery was made by linguists with the National Geographic’s Enduring Voices project. The linguists were traveling in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh to discover more about Aka and Miji languages. But, to their extreme surprise they started hearing a third, unknown language, Koro.


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