Margaret Hodge

Margaret Hodge urges Amazon to pay a ‘fair tax’

Margaret Hodge, the chairperson of the Commons Public Accounts Committee, has urged online retailer Amazon to pay a "fair tax" on the business they operate in the UK.


West Coast Main Line franchise fiasco will cost taxpayers at least £50M: PAC

A Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chaired by Labour MP Margaret Hodge has accused the government's Department for Transport of making fundamental mistakes in handling of the West Coast Main Line franchise deal.

The committee argued that the department's failing to learn from its previous failures would cost taxpayers at least £50 million.


Nuclear storage clean-up to cost taxpayers around £70bn

Nuclear storage clean-up will cost nearly £70 billion to British taxpayer, according to a Parliamentary inquiry into the country's failing nuclear-reprocessing industry.

Britain is storing an enormous legacy of harmful nuclear waste in outdated facilities at the Sellafield complex in Cumbria.

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) said in its highly critical report that of the fourteen major nuclear waste storage projects at the Sellafield complex in Cumbria, twelve are behind schedule.

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