Nick Clegg

U.K. house prices continue to soar as demand tops supply

Persistent shortage of houses pushed property prices drastically up in the UK, particularly in London and the south east, for a third consecutive month in May.


Govt. may pare back “Help to Buy” housing scheme

The "Help to Buy" scheme that helps people buy their first home could be rolled back to addresses overheating housing market, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has indicated.

Mr. Clegg said that the government could pare back the mortgage help scheme in case the Bank of England (BoE) determines that the country's housing market is overheating.


Clegg retaliate at cuts critique

Nick Clegg has strike out at an esteemed economic think tank subsequent to it rejecting the coalition's assertions that the soreness of public expenditure slashes had been extended moderately.

The Deputy Prime Minister expressed that the Government basically opposed with the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) and portrayed its amount of justice as a total baloney.


UK publishes historic coalition deal

A deal between the Tories and Lib Dems is now being considered as a historic deal in Britain. Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Nick Clegg has defined the deal as "responsibility, fairness and freedom". He has promised to transform the country toward growth and has said that if there will be any shortage of money for this deal then there would be a radical reforming program.

It has been published in the public and the title of the document is "Our Coalition program for Government".


Intending to Form Government Makes Opposition Parties Strike Deal

Britain's two major opposition groups tried on Sunday to break the impasse of last week's election that was full of loopholes before financial markets lose patience, with the frame of mind at the negotiations illustrated as good.

David Cameron's Conservatives won the majority seats in Thursday's parliamentary election but had less of a majority and are looking for the support of Nick Clegg's third-placed Liberal Democrats, or Lib Dems, in order to form a Government.



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