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Labour Party on Third Position, Brown’s Still Being PM ‘Preposterous’, States Clegg

The Liberal Democratic Opposition leader Nick Clegg, has stated that if in the elections that are scheduled to be held on May 6, the ruling Labor party comes third, it will be “preposterous” for Gordon Brown to remain as Prime Minister even after that.


Cameron Indicates Likelihood of Hung Parliament in UK Elections 2010

David Cameron has indicated the possibility of observing a hung parliament in the upcoming elections and said that only a wise and efficient Conservative Government would be able to deliver an effective performance.

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has claimed that there was a lot of excitement in the UK politics while campaigning in Surrey.

Premier Gordon Brown, while delivering his speech to the Labour Activists, did not refer to Lib Dems but condemned the Tories, saying that they may ruin the recovery of the nation.


Nick Clegg Surged in Four Opinion Polls

The chances that nobody will be winning a majority in the nation’s May 6 election this time are bright, as Nick Clegg, who leads Britain’s third-biggest party has managed to surge in four opinion polls, with one putting him in the lead.

According to a survey by BPIX, Clegg’s popularity jumped 12 percentage points to 32%, which took him ahead of the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown and Conservative Leader, David Cameron. Cameron held the lead in polls by YouGov Plc, ComRes Ltd. by a smaller margin than before.


Two-man Gang Thump a Duff Note

In the orange corner: Nick Clegg, the young and lively leader who is an expert in leaping out of bed to be decent in front of the nation's journalists at 07:30. He is almost 3,000% fresher than what Charles Kennedy was in the year 2005.

In the other orange area: Vince Cable, the man whose blend of delightful frankness and aged intelligence saw him thrash, the other two Treasury spokespersons in the first broadcasted argument.



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